Why Wasn't Cisse Fined Two Weeks Wages?

18 July 2013 07:14
Papisse Cisse, who refused to wear a Newcastle shirt because it displayed the logo of payday loan firm Wonga, has been hit by a £5000 fine by the club.

This isn’t normally a problem for the Senegalese player, who pockets an eye watering £40k a week - and nor is it an issue for other Muslim players in the squad, but Cisse has chosen to make a stand on the issue.

That stance could cost the player his job however with speculation mounting that Cisse may be forced out of the club as early as Friday – leaving his healthy pay packet behind him.

Wonga replaced Virgin Money as Newcastle United sponsors last year, but he was happy enough to wear the shirt then.

But, as he deserves to be fined, why wasn't it the maximum two weeks wages - £80,000?

Cisse is on his bike - we all know that. It has nothing to do with Wonga or where he plays in the team . it's because he wants Champions League football and he is trying to make himself a martyr.

Source: Newcastle United Mad