What Was That 'Resurrection' Thing All About?

30 October 2012 12:06
Two groups of Toon fans came together to celebrate the renaming of their beloved football club.

Marching through the streets, with a black and white coffin the group held a resurrection ceremony in support of the renaming of St. James' Park. 

Organised by the groups Mike Ashley Out and St. James' Park Always Has Been and Always Will Be, a mock service was held ahead of United's match against West Bromwich Albion. Supporters travelled from the nearby Black Bull pub on Barrack Road, Newcastle, to the ground to the sounds of a local brass band. 

Leading the group was Graeme Cansdale, who campaigned for the historic name to be returned after the ground was rebranded. Dressed as Willy Wonga, the 41 year old, of North Shields, addressed the crowds. He said, "We hope a lesson has been learned over the renaming fiasco and that this hallowed ground will not become a corporate football in the future". Last year, St. James' Park was renamed Sports Direct Arena after owner Mike Ashley's company. But this month, new sponsor Wonga revealed it was paying for the naming rights and was returning the traditional title to the ground


Source: Newcastle United Mad