What Was Ashley's Logic?

13 November 2013 01:31
It is widely rumoured that Alan Pardew has a cut-off clause in his contract. But HAS he?

The Mag have an interesting article on their website today giving a rundown of the speculation about that ridiculous contract Ashley gave to Pardew.

The Mag: "Anyone remember Alan Smith, who was signed by one of Ashley’s managers? It would be no surprise if every single contract Ashley has signed since then has had a cut-off clause.

"Sir Bobby was on a one-year rolling contract. Every day that Sir Bobby went in to work he had a year left to go.

"If Pardew’s contract has a one-year cut-off period then, compensation-wise, he is in exactly the same position as Sir Bobby.

"So why didn’t Ashley just put Pardew on a one-year rolling contract?

"It’s so that Ashley can say to the Football Association, when the time inevitably comes to make Pardew the England manager, that the club wants years and years of compo before they will let the Silver Fox go. Or indeed he might say that to the owner of Crystal Palace, to take the name of one club at random.

"In reality what is likely to happen is that Ashley will at some time tire of Pardew’s failures. Ashley cannot summarily sack Pardew without compo unless there is a breach of contract that merits it.

"Pardew is sailing close to the wind if he is indeed slyly approaching Palace through intermediaries, as reported. Basically, and there’s a bit more to it than this, he can’t expect to be compensated if he is given what he wants."

Full article on The Mag: http://www.themag.co.uk/the-mag-articles/the-reality-of-contracts-at-newcastle-united/

Source: Newcastle United Mad