What Next? Referee's Racially Abusing Players!

29 October 2012 10:45
Well I thought I'd heard it all these last few months . what with racial abuse filling the newspapers - front and back. But this beats it all!

Former referee Jeff Winter thinks Mark Clattenburg will not officiate a match again if it is proven that he racially abused a Chelsea player in the match against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.  Chelsea have submitted a formal complaint to the Premier League that alleged Clattenburg used "inappropriate language" towards two of their players during the Blues' 3-2 defeat in west London.

The alleged comments are understood to have been interpreted as racist.

Luis Suarez and John Terry received respective eight and four match suspensions this year for racially abusing Patrice Evra and Anton Ferdinand, but Winter, who refereed for over 25 years, thinks Clattenburg will not be able to take to the field of play again if he is found guilty.

Jeff Winter: "If a match official has used racial insults or language to a player then he's for the high jump.

"He won't be getting a four-match or an eight-match ban, it'll probably be the end of his career, but that is if indeed he did say anything.

"I feel it very unlikely that Mark Clattenburg would be allowed to referee until it's dealt with so we certainly don't want this going on for weeks and months.

"Initially it is insulting words and I must admit I smiled at that because we watch football matches every week of the year hearing players use insulting words to referees and then somebody takes umbrage when somebody allegedly says something back.

"But I just hope this can be cleared.

"It's slightly ironic that players dish it out left right and centre and then, if and there is a massive if, if something has been said back - and we're not talking about racial here, we're talking about like for like - then I don't think anybody's got a right to complain.

"I'm not saying referees should do it, but there seems to be one law for one set of people and one law for another, but this inference that racial language has been used is very, very serious."


Source: Newcastle United Mad


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