We Thought St James' Park Was On Fire!

15 February 2013 01:08
Toon fans set off flares in the Gallowgate End last night, and we (in the Leazes End) thought the stand at the far end of the field was on fire!

I don't know if anyone was at risk, as St James' is no longer made of wood, but it looked as though there was a fire at the back of the stand.

And we thought perhaps the burger stalls at the rear of the Gallowgate could have caught fire.

The smell - 140yds away in the Leazes - was unbelievable, so they must have been powerful fireworks.

The problem is - UEFA officials (who attend all European fixtures) - are in their rights to fine Newcastle United.

I'm sure there will be more on this story.

Source: Newcastle United Mad


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