We Don't Need Cardiff In Premiership!

06 February 2010 11:34
We saw trouble outside St James' Park when Swansea came visiting, and there were worse scenes last night when Cardiff fans 'kick-off' after the 5-1 thrashing. But credit to the Northumbria police, they were on the job and KNEW what was going to happen, long before the City fans got their act into gear. So what is it about the Welsh . and the Jocks . because we have seen trouble with Celtic fans at both Peter Beardsley and Alan Shearer's testimonials at Central Station? Cardiff fans have been notorious for years, causing trouble at minor stadiums up and down the country, in an age when trouble at football matches is confined to the fiction that Dickheads like Dougie Brimson write. But the Welsh like to keep their reputation ticking over . and we saw it at Newcastle last night. We will be playing in the Premiership next season . once again mixing with the Scousers in the "Arkle"; the Gooners in the "Twelve Pins"; with Villa fans in the "Cap & Gown"; With Man City fans in "The Stanley"; etc. Let's hope Cardiff City stay where they are.