Walcott: 'Newcastle Taught Us A Lesson'!

08 February 2011 12:32
Theo Walcott says he could not look Arsene Wenger in the eye after Newcastle pulled back four goals. Theo Walcott: "None of us wanted to look the boss in the eye. It was such a disappointment. "When you are 4-0 up and want to win the league, it shouldn't happen, even if you have a man sent off. "Newcastle taught us a lesson. They showed us how to play against 10 men. We are known for keeping the ball. On Saturday we didn't. "The first half performance was the best I have been involved in. "I watched it again on Match of the Day. I couldn't change the result and I didn't want to sulk. I wanted to see my goal as well. "I definitely think this is our best chance of winning some silverware. "We haven't won trophies for a long time. This is the year we need to. "So many of the other England players have medals. It would be nice to be part of that. "When I look at the finals and see them lifting up the trophies, I want to be there as well."


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