Top 5 Premier League Celebrations 4: Temuri Ketsbaia

07 November 2012 09:18

Temuri Ketsbaia
17th January 1998
St James Park

Perhaps not one of the most memorable of footballers to have graced the Premier league but one that Newcastle United and Wolves fans will remember.

He enjoyed three seasons with the Geordie club making over 78 league appearances and scoring 8 goals from midfield. Temuri Ketsbaia was a popular figure up north and after scoring a 90th minute winner against Bolton he still holds one of the most memorable celebrations in Premier league history.

In a moment of what can only be described as madness, Temuri tore his shirt off and through it into the crowd and continued by attacking the advertising hoarding with his boot. As he continued to kick the advertisements teammates tried to calm him down and congratulate him but this just seem to make the crazy Georgian even madder.

Ketsbaia now manages the Georgian national team where he has been head coach for over three years now.

Source: DSG