Toon's French Foreign Legion To Get History Lesson - About Mackems!

26 March 2013 01:49
The French foreign legion will be given a crash course in derby history to prepare them for the "unique" atmosphere of a Tyne-Wear tussle.

James Perch: “We will make sure they ‘get it’.

“It would be daft of us to let them go into it not knowing what the games are all about.

“The staff, the manager will let them know the importance of it and what it’s all about. They’ve played in derbies but I don’t think it will be the same. This is unique.

“I have played in the Nottingham Forest-Notts County derby game, which is big in that part of the Midlands but it doesn’t get anywhere close to this one.

“They aren’t stupid, they are experienced players so they know what rivalries are all about but sometimes you just need to be given advice and things to look out for.

“The management here have always done that really well – they’ve prepared us brilliantly for these derby games and they’ll do it again.

“Usually we have a good build-up to the game, we take a bit more time leading up to that game than we do to others, which is understandable as it’s our biggest game of the season.

“In terms of the game, our French lads will soon know what it is about.

“I’ve only played in one – I came on this year at Sunderland and loved it. It’s a brilliant atmosphere, tackles are flying – I love it.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad