Toon Yet To Fire On All Cylinders!

21 September 2012 11:27
Alan Pardew says he is not concerned about Newcastle United's mixed form so far this season.

Alan Pardew: “There were periods like this last season.

“After November we had a spell when we were not playing well.

“However, you have to still pick up points.

“It was something we managed to do last year and we have managed to do that this year so far.

“It is important to do that.

“You have to say in the second half against Everton we shaded it.

“You could perhaps argue we did not deserve a draw.

“Just on the second half we did, though.

“We have only lost to Chelsea.

“I know our fans want us to play with more rhythm.

“We are searching for it at the moment and we will find it.

“I like to think I would have made the same changes on the side of the pitch.

“I do not like being in the stand, though.

“However, I am stuck there because it is my own fault.

“I am there for my own folly so I cannot complain about it.”