Toon Speculation Is Just That ... SPECULATION!

03 May 2010 11:52
In recent DECADES no Newcastle manager has made an early breakthroughs in the transfer market in the summer . so don't expect Chris Hughton to. Chris Hughton: “It’s going to be tough to make an early breakthrough in the transfer market. “We’re enjoying winning the Championship and reaching all of our targets. There is no doubt there will be a fair amount of phone calls being made over the summer, but we’ve only just finished the season. “The Premier League clubs have a head start on us, but we will work hard to play catch up. We haven’t made any offers yet and I don’t expect anything to happen in the next week or so. The important thing is going up and staying up. “I don’t feel we need a lot more in this squad next season. We are moving to a bigger, tougher league so it would be silly to think we don’t need to bring some in. “I think if I look at the impact we have had with players we’ve brought in you can see how new faces can refresh things."