Toon Seven Points From Safety?

16 March 2013 11:10
The facts and the figures .

If 40pts is the cut-off point, we are only seven points from safety.

Saturday's Aston Villa v QPR is probably the pick of the six-pointers; but as far as we are concerned; Wigan v Newcastle is just as important.

We said three weeks ago that we (NU-Mad) expected Reading, QPR and Aston Villa to go down . and we won't be changing our mind . for now anyway.


Saturday 16 March 2013    12:45 Everton v Man City    15:00 Aston Villa v QPR          15:00 Southampton v Liverpool          15:00 Stoke v West Brom        15:00 Swansea v Arsenal           17:30 Man Utd v Reading       Sunday 17 March 2013    13:30 Sunderland v Norwich     15:00 Tottenham v Fulham           16:00 Chelsea v West Ham           16:00 Wigan v Newcastle        

13 Newcastle United     33 (-10)  14 Norwich City              33 (-18)  15 Sunderland               30 (-9)  16 Southampton            28 (-12)  17 Aston Villa                 27 (-26)  18 Wigan Athletic           24 (-22)  19 Reading                     23 (-21)  20 Queens Park R.         23 (-21)  


Wigan Athletic (A)  Manchester City (A)Fulham (H)Sunderland (H)  WBA (A)  Liverpool (H)West Ham Utd (A)  QPR (A)  Arsenal (H)


Norwich (H)Man Utd (H)Chelsea (A)Newcastle (A)Everton (H)Aston Villa (A)Stoke (H)Southampton (H)Tottenham (A)


Liverpool (H)Chelsea (H)Reading (A)West Ham (H)Swansea (A)West Brom (H)Tottenham (A)Sunderland (A)Stoke (H)


QPR (H)Liverpool (H)Stoke (A)Fulham (H)Man Utd (A)Sunderland (H)Norwich (A)Chelsea (H)Wigan (A)


Man City (A)Newcastle (H)Norwich (H)QPR (A)Swansea (H)West Ham (A)Tottenham (H)West Brom (A)Arsenal (A)Aston Villa (H)

QPR       Aston Villa (A)     Fulham (A)     Wigan Athletic (H)     Everton (A)     Stoke City (H)     Reading (A)     Arsenal (H)     Newcastle Utd (H)     Liverpool (A) 


Man Utd (A)Arsenal (A)Southampton (H)Liverpool (H)Norwich (A)QPR (H)Fulham (A)Man City (H)West Ham (A)



Source: Newcastle United Mad