Toon 'Raised The Bar' But Still Didn't Make History

09 October 2013 12:45
Keith Gillespie has suggested that Kevin Keegan's Entertainers raised the bar so high on Tyneside that Newcastle United have struggled ever since to maintain the same standards.

Following Newcastle during the Keegan period was the happiest time of my life . but as for "raised the bar so high" . let's not forget that Keegan was the 'Nearly Man' who ALMOST won the title.

At the end of the day . we blew it.

I think Keith Gillespie's injury at Old Trafford cost us the title that year, because we were never quite as balanced in the final period of the season as we had been before Christmas.

He was a massive loss to the team.

But we had not won anything since the Fairs Cup, and Keegan (sadly) didn't change that.

Keith Gillespie: “Even now we are still talking about the 95/96 season.

“People talk about it in the city now.

“That was credit to Kevin Keegan and everybody associated with Newcastle.

“Kevin’s team was packed with attacking flair.

“Myself and David Ginola worked very well together. It was easy at times.

“All we had to focus on was getting the ball into the box.

“We had big Les up there and it was the joy of playing with so many great players and Ginola was just one of those.

“It’s not been brilliant this season.

“You look at the first half against Everton, it was worrying. When you compare that to the team I played in it was concerning.

“There was nothing there at all really. They have improved since then. But hopefully Alan Pardew gets it right because it is a great club and they deserve success.

“You have got the responsibility of a city on your back when you wear that shirt.

"The fans will stick by you no matter what you do. So it is important that when you go out there you play the best you possibly can for that club.

“I have a lot of great memories playing for the club.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad