Toon Players Injured Because Of The Referee?

05 December 2011 12:28
Alan Pardew claims referee Mike Dean cost him injuries to two players because he didn't send off Chelsea defender David Luiz.

Alan Pardew: "I have got no problem with the referee yesterday, he made a mistake. Actually, he has since after the game seen it again and said to me, 'I made a mistake, he should have been sent off'.

"At half-time yesterday, his opinion was different, but his opinion would have been altered if his assistant referee had done his job, in my opinion.

"When I saw the referee at half-time, I said, 'Why did you not send him off?'. He said to me, 'He didn't have control of the ball'.

"Well, how can you have control of the ball when the guy is knocking you over?

"There is no way the goalie is getting to the ball, but the bigger problem I have got is with the linesman on this occasion, because I was looking at the linesman.

"The linesman can see that - he didn't flag, he didn't go mad, he didn't do anything, so Mike Dean is making that decision from 40 yards away.

"If the linesman is waving his flag and suggesting, 'You know what, this is an incident here', and they have got their little mics.

"It would have altered the game, down to 10 men, Chelsea, the pressure they were under.

"I wouldn't have lost my centre-half to injury because we were forcing the game. I had people charging around trying to get back a situation when we would have been in control of the game.

"Not only do I lose the game, but I have lost two players through injury. I'm still angry."