Toon Paid Peanuts For Shearer!

10 July 2013 01:08
One national newspaper has looked at the most expensive player EVER after "inflation", and it seems our world record deal for Alan Shearer was a BARGAIN!

Indeed, Shearer does not figure in the top ten, and I'd be surprised if he made the top 100.

Will Newcastle United ever again be able to make a world record transfer?

So who IS the most expensive?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Signed: £80m; Inflation: £94m

Ronaldo's transfer from Man United to Real Madrid in 2009 remains a world record deal at £80m, but owing to inflation, the Portuguese superstar would cost roughly £14m more if he were to move now.

According to Forbes' latest list of the world's best paid athletes, Ronaldo comes in at number nine, picking up around £29m in endorsements alone.


2009  £80,000,000  Cristiano Ronaldo  Man Utd to Real Madrid  2009  £56,100,000  Kaka  AC Milan to Real Madrid  2001  £45,600,000  Zinedine Zidane  Juventus to Real Madrid  2000  £37,000,000  Luis Figo  Barcelona to Real Madrid  2000  £35,500,000  Hernan Crespo  Parma to Lazio  1999  £31,000,000  Christian Vieri  Lazio to Inter Milan  1998  £21,900,000  Denilson  Sao Paulo to Real Betis  1997  £19,500,000  Ronaldo  Barcelona to Inter Milan  1996  £15,000,000  Alan Shearer  Blackburn Rovers to Newcastle Utd  1992  £13,000,000  Gianluigi Lentini  Torino to AC Milan  1992  £12,500,000  Gianluca Vialli  Sampdoria to Juventus  1992  £10,000,000  Jean-Pierre Papin  Marseille to AC Milan  1990  £8,000,000  Roberto Baggio  Fiorentina to Juventus  1987  £6,000,000  Ruud Gullit  PSV Eindhoven to AC Milan  1984  £5,000,000  Diego Maradona  Barcelona to Napoli  1982  £3,000,000  Diego Maradona  Boca Juniors to Barcelona  1978  £1,700,000  Paolo Rossi  Juventus to Lanerossi Vicenza  1975  £1,200,000  Giuseppe Savoldi  Bologna to Napoli  1973  £920,000  Johan Cruyff  Ajax to Barcelona  1968  £500,000  Pietro Anastasi  AS Varese 1910 to Juventus  1963  £250,000  Angelo Sormani  AC Mantova to Roma  1961  £142,000  Luis Suarez  Barcelona to Inter Milan  1957  £94,000  Omar Sivori  River Plate to Juventus  1954  £72,000  Juan Schiaffino  Penarol to A.C. Milan  1952  £51,000  Hans Jeppsson  Atalanta to Napoli  1932  £23,000  Bernabe Ferreyra  Club Atletico Tigre to River Plate  1929  £10,890  David Jack  Bolton Wanderers to Arsenal  1925  £6,550  Bob Kelly  Burnley to Sunderland  1922  £5,500  Warney Cresswell  South Shields to Sunderland  1922  £5,000  Sydney Puddefoot  West Ham Utd to Falkirk  1920  £3,500  David Jack  Plymouth Argyle to Bolton Wanderers  1914  £2,500  Percy Dawson  Hearts to Blackburn Rovers  1913  £1,500  Charlie Roberts  Manchester Utd to Oldham Athletic  1905  £1,000  Alf Common  Sunderland to Middlesbrough  1904  £700  Andrew McCombie  Sunderland to Newcastle Utd  1902  £520  Alf Common  Sheffield Utd to Sunderland 

Source: Newcastle United Mad