Toon No 49 Puts His Shirt On The Wall

15 August 2012 12:08
17-year-old Adam Campbell was handed his senior debut in the weekend's 4-1 defeat to Cardiff City.

Adam Campbell: "It's great to see Newcastle’s willingness to put faith in youth.

“It gives all of the younger lads a confidence boost, as you know that there are going to be chances there for you.

“You know that if you keep working hard, you might actually get that chance. It could happen for you.

"I was handed the No 49 jersey by kitman Ray Thompson at the Cardiff City Stadium.

“I didn’t request it, I was given it.

“I was in the dressing room and not sure what to expect, but Thommo said ‘No 49 is yours’.

“(The number) doesn’t matter to me.

“It’ll be framed and put straight on the wall.”