Toon Heading To Brazil?

11 October 2012 04:56
Newcastle are currently in discussions over a pre-season tour of Brazil in an attempt to boost their global profile.

Derek Llambias: "We're trying to improve all the time, our next step is to try and improve globally.

"We're a great national brand. We've got a touch overseas, which is great but it's not global and this whole brand needs to be global.

"That's our next target over the next three or four years - to try and get sponsorships in a global environment. Maybe that puts another player on the pitch. Yes, we're talking about pre-season (Brazil). The World Cup's coming up so it's a good opportunity.

"We're also working on different products. It's a game plan we've been working on for a while. It's a slow process - you can't do it overnight. Liverpool didn't do it overnight, Manchester United didn't. It's a slow process.

"Newcastle is a big brand. We just need to get it out there with more backing from different communities. I'm not sure that's what it's about for Mike and I. It's all about the management of the team."