Toon Defender Returns To Action

26 March 2010 11:27
Mike Williamson is set to return to the starting line-up against Nottingham Forest on Monday night. Mike Williamson: “It’s giving me no grief at all now so I’m delighted. I’m OK for Monday, fit for selection. I don’t know where the surfing rumour came from at all, I have never done that in my life. “It was one of those freak accidents. I was doing some stretches at home, fell over and put my weight on it and I didn’t even realise I had done it until later that evening. I went to get checked out to be safe and I couldn’t believe it. “It could not have been worse timing. I had just put in a few good performances, I had the shirt and I was just looking forward to the rest of the season. “It was bad timing for me. But at least I have a chance again now because Fitz (Hall) has pulled his hamstring. “I’ll have a cast on and that stops me from doing anything that might hurt the bone. When you look back it is frustrating. But I do stretches at home, a bit of core fitness, general things, all of the time. “The manager was saying what were you doing? But it really was just a freak accident, one of those that will never happen again. “It would be a great game to play in as well because Nottingham Forest are still in the chase and it is massive for us. “It is just three points and that’s how we have to look at it, but to them it’s a bit more. Hopefully we can take them. “We have to just treat it one match at a time. Once we are mathematically promoted there will be a sense of relief, but then we will have to look at winning the league. “There is no talk about Monday being the moment we can stop pushing on if we win, that the job will be done. “If we were to win, it would be a big push for us, a massive result, but we have to concentrate on one game at a time.”