Toon Debut Could Get Ranger Back On Focus

24 October 2010 01:13
Nile Ranger made his Premiership debut in the 86th minute of the Wigan game . and he wants to put his 'Bad Boy' image behind him. Nile Ranger (talking to the Sunday Sun): “When I came on against Wigan, it was like a dream for me. “I never thought I’d make it to the Premier League that soon. “I know I’m not the finished article though. Last season, even though I was getting quite a few games, I wasn’t the best off the field. I was still doing silly things. “This season I have matured – I’ve seen the bigger picture and I’ve settled down. “I know I’ve had a lot of chances at a lot of clubs where it didn’t work out for me and I had to change. I got a lifeline coming to Newcastle when I did. I’ve got to make the most of it. “Some of the older lads I’ve looked up to. Kevin Nolan has spoken to me quite a lot, told me I need to be on point. Alan Smith is the same. Sol Campbell has as well - he has told me ‘Come on, you’ve got the ability, don’t waste it’. “But playing in the Premier League doesn’t really mean anything. I need to keep level-headed. “My background is a crazy background. It was scary. “Growing up my role models were bad people, people who did the wrong thing. Older lads who were in trouble mostly. I followed the wrong crowd who influenced me, I got in a bit of bother and I went to prison. “I say I regret it and I do but it taught me a lot of things - it was an experience that I will never forget. It made me certain that I never want to go back. “When I first moved here I tried to go to London every weekend. “That wasn’t good, there were still people there who could get me in trouble. But now I feel good here, Newcastle is home. “It has a different feel about it, a different atmosphere. I love it – apart from it’s freezing all the time! “The goal against Chelsea was an incredible feeling but to be honest it was more relief than anything because I cost us the first goal. But when I got in the dressing room then I just felt it. I realised I’d scored at Stamford Bridge. “I’m desperate to play against Arsenal. They were my team as a kid. “My first experience at Newcastle was sat on the bench at the Emirates and I was buzzing.”