Toon Brothers In Arms

24 October 2012 06:02
Shola Ameobi would love to see his younger brother Sammy surpass his own achievements in the game.

Shola Ameobi: "There's nearly 11 years between us, so when we were growing up, I think he was maybe a little bit intimidated by me, which is normal.

"He's trying to go through what I've been through. But we have got a great relationship now.

"I feel that as a big brother, I have to make sure he's on the right track all the time. I know my parents expect that of me, and it's something I'm conscious about doing.

"I'm sure he's well aware of how hard it's going to be and what he has to put in to make it to the very top.

"But I want to see him surpass anything I've ever done in this game and I know he has the ability to do that. He can do that, without a shadow of a doubt.

"I don't coach him because I don't profess to be a coach, but I try to explain to him what I've been through.

"I try to tell him about the mistakes I've made along the way - which are a few - and try to help him not to repeat them.

"I just try to give him encouragement because that's important in this game. You need people to tell you when you're doing things right, as well as when you're not.

"I try to be a big brother to him and help him in that way."


Source: Newcastle United Mad