Toon Better Odds Than Liverpool In Premiership

09 April 2010 09:49
The Bookies have placed Newcastle at 7/2 to be relegated next season . which shows their confidence we will be safe after promotion . and put it this way, it's far better odds than they give for Liverool to win the title! Newcastle boss Chris Hughton has warned the club will have to take a realistic approach as they prepare for life back in the Barclays Premier League. Chris Hughton: "The game has changed. Even Chelsea, with the owner they have, are not investing the sort of money they were a few years ago. "That's the way the game has gone. There generally isn't the money around and clubs do have to live within their means, they have to work hard, they have to work on a youth policy and bring players through. "That's the realistic side of the game now. "I'm incredibly excited, but I am probably more excited that this club is back. "For me as a personal thing, it is a great pride and honour to be manager of this football club and taking it into the Premier League. "What is more important than that is that this club is back in the Premier League because it's a club that we know will get 50,000, will take incredible support away from home, and I think there are a lot of people who are happy to see us back in the Premier League. "This is a club I want to stay at. I have thoroughly enjoyed the two years I have been here and certainly I would like to stay here. "But that's not the most important thing at the moment. The most important thing is we have got promotion, there is a feelgood factor here and around the city and we want to finish off this division in good style."