Toon Backlash - Or Another Sad Away Day?

19 April 2013 01:09
Former Newcastle defender John Anderson is expecting West Bromwich Albion to face a derby "backlash from Newcastle United.

John Anderson: “The players will want to react to that.

“You just hope we get a bit of a backlash after the derby.

“The players will want to give a performance and react to that, because we’re better than that.

“I think we need another four points. All of a sudden these five games are looking tough.

“The derby result’s not going to go away – it’s going to hurt – and there’s nothing they can do about it until next season.

“You’ve got to live with it, and you’ve got to suffer. It was their biggest win in 30-odd years.

“It’s a long, long time since they came to St James’s and scored three.

“We’re not used to losing derby games. That’s the crux of it all.

“Unfortunately, I suppose people will say Sunderland had to win a derby game sooner or later. It was just in the manner they won it.

“I went to West Brom as an apprentice when Johnny Giles was there in 1975. I enjoyed it – it’s a proper football club.

“It’s a club I’ve still got a soft spot for – I always look for their results. It’s a well-run club, and I always enjoy going back there.

“I’ve never going to be easy, especially with the way we’ve been away from home this season.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad