Toon Back In The Relegation Mix

03 March 2013 11:42
If 40 pts is the Holy Grail in the Premiership and safety . Newcastle still need ten points after that poor result at the Liberty Stadium yesterday.

OK, we are obviously die-hard Newcastle fans here at NU-Mad, but we STILL believe no-one in their right mind is going to suggest we won't get them.

The Mackems rise above us on goal difference, but let them have their "15 minutes of fame" . it won't last for long.

That Tyne-Wear derby is going to tell a story or two.

As for the rest, there are going to be some major 6-point key games between now and the end of the season.

Goal-difference will be major, and Sunderland's -7 is just as good as point, compared to Villa's -26 and Wigan's -18.

NEWCASTLE (10pts to reach 40)


Stoke City (H)Wigan Athletic (A)  Manchester City (A)Fulham (H)Sunderland (H)  WBA (A)  Liverpool (H)West Ham Utd (A)  QPR (A)  Arsenal (H)

QPR (20pts needed)

    Sunderland (H)     Aston Villa (A)     Fulham (A)     Wigan Athletic (H)     Everton (A)     Stoke City (H)     Reading (A)     Arsenal (H)     Newcastle Utd (H)     Liverpool (A)   

READING (17pts needed)

Aston Villa (H)Man Utd (A)Arsenal (A)Southampton (H)Liverpool (H)Norwich (A)QPR (H)Fulham (A)Man City (H)West Ham (A)

ASTON VILLA (16pts needed)

Man City (H)Reading (A)QPR (H)Liverpool (H)Stoke (A)Fulham (H)Man Utd (A)Sunderland (H)Norwich (A)Chelsea (H)Wigan (A)

WIGAN (16pts needed)

Liverpool (H)Man City (A)Newcastle (H)Norwich (H)QPR (A)Swansea (H)West Ham (A)Tottenham (H)West Brom (A)Arsenal (A)Aston Villa (H)

SUNDERLAND (10pts needed)

QPR (A)Norwich (H)Man Utd (H)Chelsea (A)Newcastle (A)Everton (H)Aston Villa (A)Stoke (H)Southampton (H)Tottenham (A)

SOUTHAMPTON (13pts needed)

Norwich (A)Liverpool (H)Chelsea (H)Reading (A)West Ham (H)Swansea (A)West Brom (H)Tottenham (A)Sunderland (A)Stoke (H)

Source: Newcastle United Mad