Toon Are Bigger Than Paris Saint-Germain

14 July 2011 01:15
Alan Pardew has issued an ultimatum to target Mevlüt Erdinç. United have became embroiled in a bonus row with his agent Pierre Frelot, who told The Journal on Friday that the striker will be staying at Paris Saint-Germain. Alan Pardew: “It’s quite easy for me to pull out. If the boy wants to stay at his club and be third choice and doesn’t want to come to Newcastle then I don’t want him – because Newcastle, for me, are a bigger club. “I’m not being disrespectful and I know that Paris Saint-Germain are in the Champions League but with our stadium, our support and the squad we’ve got, we’re the bigger club. “We have to be careful. Some of the things being quoted are not from him and we’ve got to cut through it. It’s difficult to criticise the player because sometimes it’s the agent or someone else not getting what he wants. “But we won’t bring him to the club if he doesn’t want to be here. We’re not certainly going to force his hand. “All transfers are always alive until such time as someone buries them. We’re not burying this one. "We’re still confident on bringing a striker in. “It makes me laugh when people say time is running out – the deadline isn’t until the end of August. “It’s obvious we’re looking to get a striker in, we’re not just paying lip service to it. We have made bids, that is in the public domain. “But we have to make sure it’s the right player, that is the most important thing.”