Too Much Mackem For Geordie Eyes!

07 March 2013 10:10
Geordies have one golden rule . without exception . you NEVER wear red!

I remember back in the summer of 1995 when the club came out with the old style shirts with a collar - in black and white stripes (of course); and that maroon and blue number.

Maroon is not red. But it's a little too close for some.

That summer I remember the arguments when it came out: "That's RED. No-way am I wearing that!"

That brings us onto our current shirt, which is the "passport coloured kit" (maroon) was was supposed to offer us a celebration of the Magpies being back in Europe.

So far it has delivered only bad memories for the travelling Toon Army and only last week there were grumbles from the away fans at the Liberty Stadium insisting it is RED.

United have yet to win in the kit - but we will be seeing it again before the season is out . I can promise you.

With kit clashes possible at Wigan, West Brom and QPR, it will be worn again.

Just one win out of 14 (which came at Aston Villa when United donned black and white) on the road in the Premier League, we tend to look for excuses, and that "Mackem shirt" is as good as any.

Source: Newcastle United Mad