Tiote One Step Away From Another Ban!

03 December 2012 12:38
Cheik Tiote faces Wigan Athletic at St James's Park tonight knowing one more booking will see him suspended for a game.

Alan Pardew doesn’t believe Tiote is trying to change his game, which would be a worry to me if I was manager, because 32 bookings in 62 games for Newcastle is not what you can call "bad luck".

Alan Pardew: “I don’t think he is trying to remodel himself as a player.

“He can only be himself. We have to take what punishment comes his way.

“He’s an aggressive player, and tackles can sometimes be mistimed. I think that’s natural.

“You can’t change his game.

"What he can do is pick up silly bookings for little pulls, or talking back to referees, or getting involved with another player off the ball, which he has done in the past.

“At the minute, that’s all under control.

“Even Cheik’s worst performance for us is usually enough to keep him in the team.

“That’s how important he is. I think we’ve got the best of Cheik to come, for sure.

“He had a lot of games last year, and again African Cup of Nations qualifiers this year, as well as the games we’ve played.

“It’s been a tough run. Then there was the suspension. He hasn’t had any consistency.

“That, hopefully, will come now with a run of games.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad