Tiote Blanks Out Internet And TV Critics

23 October 2013 02:02
Toon new skipper Cheick Tiote insists the only way to answer your critics is on the pitch.

Cheick Tiote: "There is no escape from the criticism if we lose games.

"It is hard. But we know we have good players in this team. If everybody is focused we will do well.

"The only way we can answer people is by winning. If we lose we have to make sure we don't repeat the mistakes.

"We have been trying to do that in the last few games.

"We must stay compact as a team and stay together. If we do we'll win the game.

"When you're on the pitch you have to give everything for the fans and the manager.

"I don't read anything on the internet or TV.

"It isn't important for me. We just have to focus in the most important area - on the pitch.

"If we do our jobs we will win games. That is the most important thing.

"Our fans have travelled everywhere, I am always happy when we give them wins.

"We don't want to send them home unhappy."

Source: Newcastle United Mad