Third Time Lucky For Simpson?

19 April 2010 11:35
Danny Simpson admits he is NOT a Premier League player yet . despite having played in the top flight with Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers. Danny Simpson: “I think we’re going to be linked with a lot of players because we’re a Premier League club now and we probably do need to add a few. “But I’m hungry and determined and whoever is brought in, the most important thing is I keep myself in good shape because I don’t want to lose my place. “We’ve got some guys who’ve established themselves in that league and played hundreds of games there but I know that at the moment, I’m not a Premier League player. “I don’t think I have had enough games in the Premier League to call myself a Premier League player and that is the reason I came to Newcastle United, to prove myself at a big club where I’d be playing games and give myself that chance. That’s what I want to do next season now. “I have got a point to prove to myself and to a few other people. I know how difficult it is – the Premier League is a whole different ball game – but I don’t want to play just one season and give up my place. “It won’t be easy next season, I know that. But I’m learning all the time and no one is going to work harder to keep their place in the team than me. “We’re desperate to be champions. “It would be a real shame if we didn’t manage to clinch it now. We don’t want to finish the season on a downer, we want to keep winning games and earn it. “I think the way we have played this season, we deserve it. But we’ve got to keep playing well to prove it.” Meanwhile, Simpson insists a summer operation on his ankle is not a serious procedure. “It’s just a minor thing that I’m having done over the summer when the season ends. It won’t keep me out at all, it’s just a couple of days to recover. “I’ve just had a little but of irritation in there at times but it hasn’t affected me this season really. It’s better to get it done when there’s no games on and just get it out the way. “I’ll be back on it in no time, and I can’t wait for the summer. I’ll get to see my family again in Salford because I haven’t had the chance to do that – and I’ll be taking the Mrs away too I think. I’ve got to!”