The Toon Went French - Tiote Went GEORDIE!

25 February 2013 11:19
Mathieu Debuchy praised Newcastle's supporters for making it 'France Day' at St James' Park on Sunday. But .

. as the French flags were 'shot' into the crowd to make the French players feel at home, Cheik Tiote turned his barnet black and white!

Some fans dressed in a variety of outfits and the club put on themed pre-match entertainment to honour the arrival of the Magpies' French contingent in the January transfer window.

It was all good fun, although playing the FRENCH national anthem and a French version of 'Blaydon Races' was OTT to some of us old boring bastards.

And where the hell the BBC reporter got the impression: "And the Geordie fans sang along to the French nation anthem", I will never know.

Trust me - that did NOT happen. Does ANYONE on Geordieland know more than two words in French?

The positive feeling around the place seemed to rub off on the players as they came from behind to seal a vital 4-2 victory, and Debuchy gave the fans and the club a great deal of credit for the win.

Mathieu Debuchy: "It was really good for us.

"It was a good initiative taken by the club to do that, and we came away with victory at end of the day, which is fantastic.

"It is something that has really touched me, the warm welcome I've received from everyone - the team, the staff and all the people involved with Newcastle.

"It was a very important win for us today. Obviously Southampton were right there next to us so it was important to get ahead of them.

"And of course it takes us above Sunderland too."

Source: Newcastle United Mad