The Mackem Leprechaun Feels The Pressure

23 November 2012 02:41
The Mackem Leprechaun - Martin O''Neill - admits life as a Premier League manager is a constant worry.

Martin O''Neill: "Somebody said to me, ''How come you don''t put on any weight?'', and I answered, ''I just worry for everyone''.

"It''s no problem.

"You have to realise that during the course of the season, there are going to be periods where things are not going so well and you have to try to come out of them.

"There are other periods where you think you are going very well and looking forward to every single game that''s coming up.

"You have to take a wee bit more balanced view of it. It''s the season that counts ahead, it''s where we end at the end of the season.

"Di Matteo has just lost his job - three and a half weeks ago, you would have said it was absolutely impossible.

"They won the Champions League, they won the FA Cup and they started off the season brilliantly.

"They were talking about a new style of play and a very inventive style of play.

"They had a bit of a hiccup along the way for a couple of matches or whatever the case may be and suddenly, a young man has lost his job.

"Jose Mourinho says he sleeps like a log. I''m not so sure that I have slept to well for 20-odd years."

Source: Newcastle United Mad