The Future Of Football?

27 August 2011 11:41
UEFA president Michel Platini has claimed he is "afraid for the future of football" . but if he wants to talk about coruption he should look no further than FIFA!   Michel Platini: "I am worried," Platini said in the Guardian. "There are strikes in Italy and Spain over players not getting paid. There are my personal reservations, not UEFA's. Maybe this is the future of football. "I can see lots of red lights flashing and I am afraid for the future of football which is going pear-shaped in some areas. "If a player is not being paid, and somebody comes along and offers money to fix a match, it is a danger. "Clubs have to live within their means. We have to face up to match-fixing, corruption, illegal betting, violence on the pitch, racism and hooliganism. But we also need to send a message of hope. "Football will always be played in the school yard, in the street. "I'm worried about the future of professional football where there are lots of problems. We are here to protect clubs, not eliminate them. "There's nothing glamorous about being UEFA president. I used to go to Fenerbahce and everybody loved me. If I go now, everyone will want to hang me."