'The Doormat' Welcomes Kinnear To Newcastle!

08 July 2013 12:13
Let's be honest . you never thought for one second Newcastle manager Alan Pardew would say a word AGAINST Joe Kinnear's appointment, did you?

Pardew has had 25 days to stew it over, and he finally came out from under the bed to insist he is "open-minded" about Joe Kinnear's appointment as director of football.  Club owner Mike Ashley dropped something of a bombshell last month when he parachuted 66-year-old Kinnear into St James' Park and handed him responsibility for all football-related matters.

Making it known that Kinnear was Pardew's boss!

If ever there was a kick in the nuts . that was the blow.

Pardew, who was on holiday at the time, kept his own counsel as managing director Derek Llambias voted with his feet and resigned, but the 51-year-old manager is - once again - the doormat Mike Ashley wipes his feet on.

He told BBC Radio Newcastle: "I'm very open-minded to Joe's position. I will take it as I see it.

"People who work with me will know that I am my own man. I will manage this football club and manage this team to the best of my ability.

"On the back of last year I am even more motivated to do well this year.

"Some of the things Joe said he has apologised for, especially getting the names wrong of our players.

"That needs to be corrected because there is a certain respect needed there.

"I spoke to one or two players and my staff here and made them very aware of where the position lies.

"It is very simple for me: if Joe can persuade Mike to invest in the right manner, then that will be the best outcome for us.

"As well as we have done in the transfer market, there is always room for improvement.

"I have spoken to Joe and had a couple of meetings with him. I have told him what I think the weaknesses in the squad are.

"Let's be fair, it's a squad, not a side, and I have told him I need to strengthen, and I have a couple of ideas."

Mick Quinn believes the “time for answers is long overdue” after a summer of near silence at St James’ Park.

The legendary former No 9 is astonished that, other than Joe Kinnear’s recent interviews – none of which have been endorsed by the club in an official capacity – fans have been guided by a handful of statements.

Even the club’s own media team have interviewed players without a mere mention of the new director of football.

Mick Quinn: “I have heard both Alan Shearer and Rob Lee say the situation at Newcastle is a PR disaster and I have to agree with them.

“They know the club and care about it like the fans.

“It’s simple for the fans – we want answers.

“We would love to see the owner, the directors and the management on the football side come together and show this is actually Newcastle United.

“I just ask: Are we ambitious or not?

“If the answer is we are not then let us know why that is.

“Then you can at least allow fans to understand."

Pulling the piss out of Ashley move to rename Shearer's Bar after the GOALden Boy took a swipe at KInnear, Quinn said:

“If they have a picture of me up anywhere around the ground, they will probably take it down.

“In reality we are all supposed to be on the same side.

"We want to know what is going on. It is not asking too much – or is it?

“What is the future?

“That is not being too hysterical either.

“We are quick to know when the season tickets are up for renewal!

“I just want to know how things are supposed to work with Kinnear and Pardew and what some of the transfer plans are.

“Nobody’s even bothered to explain why James Perch has left the club yet and that cannot be right.”


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