The Cabaye Visa Mystery Solved?

20 July 2011 11:41
Alan Pardew says that Yohan Cabaye has been granted a visa - however he will not take part in the Magpies' American tour. Allegedly Cabaye missed out on his visa due to a technicality believed to be caused by a disputed dental bill. Alan Pardew: “We’ve already had word back that he will eventually get a visa, but it doesn’t help us, because we need it now. It’s a three-week process. “It’s one of those situations, but for us, it became very frustrating. “There was no talking them around, and unfortunately the process was too long for us to rectify it. “It’s unfortunate that Cabaye’s not with us, but I’m sure it won’t take him long to show just what a class act he is. “I’m a disappointed at Yohan not being here, if I’m honest. “It would have been nice to have him around this group. “It was on such a technicality – he really should have got a visa.”