Taylor's Birthday Present

22 August 2011 10:12
Ryan Taylor turned 27 on Friday and his wife id due their first baby. Ryan Taylor: “It is not nice spending your birthday in a hotel away from the missus (his wife, Kimberley) who is about to drop. “But what a birthday present! “I had an afternoon at home on Friday and the missus had the birthday cake ready and the family were there. So that was nice. We had a little house party set up. “That one was for the little bump in the missus’ belly. I am going to give the baby that one. “It is our first one. The baby is due in a week or two maximum. “They do not always come off (his free-kicks) but when they do it is fantastic. “I have scored many goals against Newcastle in the past, one very similar on Boxing Day (2007) but hopefully that will cancel one of them off. “I am a Newcastle player and I want to play as long as possible here. “I work on the free-kicks and to have it pay off in a big game is fantastic. When they do they are special moments and I don’t think you can score a better one away to your biggest rivals in front of the away fans. “I saw Steven Taylor trying to claim it and before I could react there were seven bodies on me. Steven said, ‘Come on, we’ll go over to the fans.’ We went bananas and the fans were doing the same.”