Taylor - 'We Are Devastated'

04 March 2013 10:48
Newcastle off to Moscow to play Anzhi Makhachkala in the first leg of the club's Europa League Round of 16 tie.

Steven Taylor: “It can’t come any quicker – we need a game under our belt.

“We go to Moscow, and it’ll be freezing cold.

“But when you come from a defeat, you want the next game quickly, and we have that.

“I’m devastated (about Swansea game).

“In the first half they caused us some problems, but defensively our shape was spot on again.

“They’d settled for the draw – you could see it. They were backing off, and I just don’t know how we didn’t score.

“I wasn’t thinking of getting just one goal – it was more like two or three.

“In the second half we had two great chances for Papiss and Moussa, but it just wasn’t to be.

“They had a few little cheeky shots, but we defended well as a team.

“It wasn’t our day in front of goal, or in the final third, but we had them on the ropes.

“They dropped off, and were making errors. They were getting frustrated, and were kicking it long.

“Their midfield were getting frustrated because they couldn’t get into a passing game or find their flow.

“Cabaye was cutting through them with passes, and Moussa had the freedom of the stadium. He was doing what he wanted.

“We got done by a ricochet which came off two defenders.

“Luke Moore came in, and I wouldn’t say he showed composure – I say he got lucky because he didn’t know Yohan Cabaye was there.

“It just hit his foot and trickled over Robbie (Elliot). They’re the worst ones to lose.”



Source: Newcastle United Mad