Taylor Or Jonas At Right-Back?

28 September 2010 08:49
Will Chris Hughton stick with James Perch for the trip to Man City? Or will he go for Ryan Taylor, or perhaps do a Diego Maradona and put left-winger Jonas Gutierrez at right-back? Hughton was very critical of the Argie boss at the World Cup in the summer, saying: "I must admit seeing Jonas in the back-line did surprise me. "Is he a full-back? Not in my team he's not." So that rules out that one out. Can anyone say that Perch gives us more options than Ryan Taylor? Far from it. Taylor showed against Chelsea how deadly he can be from dead-ball situations, and he knows a bit about defending . something Perch hasn't quite come to terms with. Chris Hughton: “He’ll (James Perch) be devastated – you always are. “When something like that happens, he’s the one person you don’t need to speak to after the game. “As bad as we feel, nobody will be feeling worse than him.”