Taylor - 'Halsey Helped Me Tackle The Mackems!'

26 March 2013 01:25
Steven Taylor has urged Mark Halsey to ­ignore the critics, after the referee helped him face abuse from the Mackems! Taylor had slammed Sunderland before the game .

. saying "Not one Sunderland player is good enough to get into our first team!"

Steven Taylor: “I sincerely hope Mark Halsey does not quit refereeing.

“Yes, he missed what was a bad tackle on Massadio Haidara because his view of the incident was blocked.

"He has admitted the Wigan player deserved a red card and has ­apologised to our gaffer.

“I don’t see what else he can do now, and the talk of him quitting is just not on.

“I know I speak for a lot of other players in the Premier League when I say he is a ­player’s referee and one we enjoy playing under.

“Earlier this season when I was getting all sorts of abuse as I went on as substitute against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, he told me not to worry because he had even had death threats.

“He took the time to ­support me then and the least I can do is support him now.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad