Swede Star Hits Out At 'Unfriendly Geordies'!

19 December 2012 12:23
Just when we thought we were the friendliest people in the country . a Swedish upstart says football in Turin is "much more fun than in Newcastle".

But Landskrona starlet Erik Andersson is ready to snub interest from Juventus - as well as Newcastle - in favour of staying in Sweden.

In other words, the kid is homesick. It has nothing to do with friendly footballers, big stadiums or passionate fans . he misses his mam!

The 15-year-old has recently taken in trials in England and Italy, but says that moving on at this stage may do more harm than good.

Oh yes . and his mam misses him.

Erik Andersson: "I have had a very good season.

"I believe I will progress more if I stay at home.

"They (Newcastle) didn't talk to me, it was a bit strange.

"It was much more fun at Juventus, with better football and nicer players."


Source: Newcastle United Mad