Supermac: 'If Ba Wants To Go ... Let Him!'

23 June 2012 11:51
Malcolm Macdonald has warned Demba Ba he could be making the biggest mistake of his life quitting the Magpies for more money.

Malcolm Macdonald: “The Newcastle fans deserve to know what his plans are.

“The real fans are entitled to that at least.

“If he is going to carry on like this then to me it shows his only desire seems to be purely and simply money.

“If he is chasing money and not success that’s a sad situation because if you are successful the money and the other rewards will come to you anyway.

“Signing big and better contracts is just the lazy way of doing it.

“Newcastle fans are knowledgeable enough to know that it won’t all be down to money.

“They are aware he has a degenerative knee and that his next move could be important for him in the long-term.

“But if that is going to be clouding him for the rest of his Newcastle days and it means he might not be able to give his full focus and his very best for the club, then maybe it is better he goes now anyway.

“Bringing in a player who is going to be focused might the best bet all round.

“He’s got to look at the bigger picture.

“First he has to look at the possibility of the partnership he could have with Papiss Cisse because it could blossom next season.

“Then he has to look at where the club are going.

“European football is back and things are on the up.

“Yes, he still has a contract here but what is it worth?

“Unfortunately that is the game these days.

“He signed a three-year contract but sadly they aren’t worth the paper they are written on these days.

“If anything football contracts are usually a noose to prevent players from leaving.

“It doesn’t get much bigger once you leave Newcastle, this is a special place.

“I know there are a couple of clubs looking at him in France.

“But compared to the Premier League, playing in France is grade two football.

“Yet if he wants to sell his soul to earn more money, then that is the case.

“The club is on the verge of exciting things and as I say if you do well the rewards of performing for Newcastle United will come automatically.”



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