Still Question Marks Over Mickey Mouse US Tour

25 July 2011 11:56
John Carver is trying to pick the positives out of an American tour that looks to have been organised by Mickey Mouse. TEN flights in TEN days has got the players struggling. Don't get me wrong . Man Utd, Everton, Spurs and Chelsea have been over and made the most of the trips . but at least they had some idea as to planning the journey. The whistlestop tour of America has so far been more like an endurance test for United with multiple flights and searing heat to contend with. John Carver: “It’s been tough – the travelling has been tough and the heat has been tough. “But the Kansas game was a fantastic test for us. “It was just what we needed especially with the state of play here with regards to conditioning. “We told the lads before the game that it would a hard test and it was. “But pre-season is always tough no matter where you go or how you try to do it. “They are working harder than they do normally it’s tough. “You are putting in double sessions and that makes it tough physically on the lads. “You get tired and you become mentally tired. “The lads now know exactly how much the teams have come along over here in the last few years. “They aren’t easy games by any stretch of the imagination.”