Stadium That Looks Like A Woman's What?

19 November 2013 01:45
A stadium like a vagina? I wash my hands . you can make your own jokes up.

Here is something no other country has ever done for the womenfolk.

The largely conservative Gulf emirate, which is fast building sophisticated stadiums for the 2022 World Cup, has designed what appears to be a giant ode to a vagina.

Shockingly, this is not what the architects of the Al-Wakrah World Cup stadium intended. Instead, the design is supposed to resemble the sails of a dhow boat which is traditionally used for pearl fishing.

Sep Blatter obviously got a big brown envelope to stick down his arse pocket for giving Qatar the World Cup . and no other appointment has taken so much stick!

Qatar want the World Cup to be played in the winter . a first.

But this is something we have NEVER seen before!

This amusing and accidental architectural design has already gone viral over the internet.

Holly Baxter, in a report for The Guardian says, "The Qatari stadium's resemblance to a woman's private parts may be unintentional, but I for one applaud it."




Source: Newcastle United Mad