Spurs Under Fire Over 'Keeper's Health

11 November 2013 11:08
Andre Villas-Boas has hit back after being dragged into a fresh row over Hugo Lloris' health after the goalkeeper failed a medical ahead of Tottenham's defeat to Newcastle.

Lloris was knocked out in a clash with Everton striker Romelu Lukaku last weekend, and Villas-Boas was widely criticised for allowing his visibly concussed No. 1 to stay on the field.

Andre Villas-Boas: "Clinically and medically all the signs were that the player was ready to play.

"It was down to the ImPACT test -- the medical staff value it a lot. They felt it was too soon and I had to stick to what they said.

"In the incident last week we did everything according to the book.

"We gave the first half advantage to Newcastle, although I think we were very unlucky during all of the game.

"We had so many good chances that I think the result is very unfair.

"Obviously Newcastle came in strong and really played well in the first half.

"I think they deserved to get that lead, I think we didn't recognise ourselves in the first half.

"We were not on top of our game and let ourselves be anticipated a lot. It wasn't one of our better first halves.

"Still we had some good opportunities in the first half, then in the second half if we had been a bit more lucky we could have drawn the game and gone on from there.

"Disappointing because it's not what we deserved. We gave a good response in the second half.

"Last season he had a great game here as well, and today he (Tim Krul) was the inspiration.

"He made the difference today."

Source: Newcastle United Mad