Spiderman The Star Of St James' Park

10 March 2010 11:10
Bob Moncur says World Cup-bound Jonas Gutierrez is one of the key figures in the Magpies' quest for promotion . because of his superb performances at SJP. Bob Moncur: “We’ve got five games left at St James’ Park and I honestly feel that Jonas has a major part to play in all of those. “At home he frightens the life out of the opposition with the way that he runs at people. “And that, coupled with teams feeling nervous about playing at St James’, is a factor in our home success. “As a former defender I always keep tabs on the back fours of the visitors and I’ve seen some Championship defenders looking across to the bench as if to say ‘get me out of here’ more than a few times because he does genuinely scare defenders when he’s running at them like that. “Yes, I would like to see some more assists and more crosses coming in from Jonas, and preferably more goals. “But when he causes havoc like he has been in the last few games, it creates space for everybody else as well and you are now finding teams coming to Newcastle thinking they need two men on him. “If that sort of fear factor can help us win our five home games then for me it will be a case of job done and we’ll be up, regardless of what happens away from home.”