Smogs Must Be Gutted!

17 April 2010 10:47
"Come on you Smogmonsters!". Yes . the Smogs can hand us the Championship title tonight, if they take a point at the Hawthorns. We are right behind you, you boil-infested cretins. Do it for the Mags! Saturday 17th April 2010   Blackpool  v  Nottm Forest 15.00 Coventry  v  Preston NE 15.00 Derby  v  C.Palace 15.00 Ipswich  v  Doncaster 15.00 Leicester  v  Watford 15.00 QPR  v  Cardiff City 15.00 Reading  v  Peterborough 15.00 Scunthorpe  v  Bristol City 15.00 Swansea City  v  Barnsley 15.00 West Brom  v  Middlesbrough 17.15  Sunday 18th April 2010   Sheff Weds  v  Sheff Utd 13.00  Monday 19th April 2010   Plymouth  v  Newcastle 19.45  Tuesday 20th April 2010   QPR  v  Watford 20.00 Scunthorpe  v  Reading 19.45  Saturday 24th April 2010   Barnsley  v  QPR 15.00 Bristol City  v  Derby 15.00 Cardiff City  v  Sheff Weds 15.00 Doncaster  v  Scunthorpe 15.00 Middlesbrough  v  Coventry 15.00 Newcastle  v  Ipswich 15.00 Nottm Forest  v  Plymouth 15.00 Peterborough  v  Blackpool 15.00 Preston NE  v  Leicester 15.00 Sheff Utd  v  Swansea City 15.00 Watford  v  Reading 15.00  Monday 26th April 2010   C.Palace  v  West Brom 20.00  Sunday 02nd May 2010   Blackpool  v  Bristol City 13.00 Coventry  v  Watford 13.00 Derby  v  Cardiff City 13.00 Ipswich  v  Sheff Utd 13.00 Leicester  v  Middlesbrough 13.00 Plymouth  v  Peterborough 13.00 QPR  v  Newcastle 13.00 Reading  v  Preston NE 13.00 Scunthorpe  v  Nottm Forest 13.00 Sheff Weds  v  C.Palace 13.00 Swansea City  v  Doncaster 13.00 West Brom  v  Barnsley 13.00  


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