Simpson 'Sickened' By Fluke Mackem Goal!

22 October 2012 11:41
Danny Simpson says Demba Ba's own goal left Newcastle United players "sickened".

Danny Simpson: “I thought we were going to do it.

“It gets to the point in a game when you don’t think you are going to concede. You feel quite comfortable.

“Everybody seems to be doing their jobs and playing together. For them, it had to be something freaky like that. It was a fluky and lucky goal.

“We didn’t feel like they were going to open us up. We were dealing with what they were throwing at us. It was just a bit sickening.

“I still thought we’d done it – everyone from the subs who came on and worked hard to every player.

“I hope the fans can see that. It was just a sickener the way they did it, but there wasn’t anything we could have done.

“It was deja vu from the last time we were 1-0 up and Gyan scored.

"Tim Krul didn’t have a save to make. He was dealing with just crosses and corners.

“We started so well. Our game plan was just to get at them and nick a goal. We did that.

“Obviously, with a sending off and going down to 10 men, it’s going to be tough in the Premier League, even more so against your biggest rivals.”

Source: Newcastle United Mad