Simpson Defends Toon Defenders

24 December 2011 10:56
Newcastle's defence has taken a battering in recent weeks, but Danny Simpson insists "we will get it right".

Danny Simpson: “I know we have not won for quite a few games now but we stick together. Wednesday is more disappointing than any of the last six games, to be honest.

“You can’t concede three goals at home to one of the teams that’s in and around you.

“But we’re fighters and I have no doubt that’s we’ll stick together, because that’s what we do.

“Everyone was disappointed but we spoke to each other about things and that’s the type of team we are, and the type of players we have got in the dressing room.

"The staff that we’ve got, we all stick together and it has been like that from day one, since the manager came.

“We go to Bolton away now determined to get a win.

“We would rather them think that we are struggling. We will go there and will be full of fighting spirit and take the game to them.

“Obviously, they will be full of confidence after getting that win, especially against local rivals Blackburn.

“But no, it will be tough, they all are though. As I said, we will go back to the drawing board and go there looking to get a win.

“I always said it would have been nice to get to 30 points by Christmas but the first half of the season has been great, and we need to take all the positives and look at what we were doing when we were getting those results.”

“Probably the priority is to just tighten things up a bit.

“We’ve conceded a lot of goals in the past few weeks.

"Our main strength throughout our success was that we were so organised and tough to beat and tough to score against.

"We have lost that a little bit. But two of West Brom’s goals stemmed from when we had the ball, turnovers, and we are normally better than that.

"Then there was the set piece. We just have to get back to the drawing board.”