Should Tiote Keep Armband?

23 November 2013 01:25
Alan Pardew is confident Cheik Tiote can maintain his recent form without the captains armband.

Some fans could ask the question, as Coloccini wants away from Newcastle . perhaps Tiote deserves the armband more!

Alan Pardew: “The one thing I do know is that Cheik is a much improved player from the one we had last year.

“If you look at little segments of our team, he is replicating the year we finished fifth when he was a massive player for us.

“He is showing that sort of form and we need to keep him there. If Colo plays and it affects Cheik I’ll put two armbands out there, but I think he will be fine. He’s a very motivated player.

“He has grown with the armband. People grow with it and he was one of those. I’m just really pleased he is back to his best and looking really sharp.

“We’re not quite there yet because we have had hiccups that maybe that team that finished fifth wouldn’t have made.

“The Hull game in particular, Sunderland, where at the very worst we should have got a draw.

"But we’re showing good signs, there is a lot of young players in the team, a lot of energy and really good team spirit. We are playing with a smile on our face, which is really important at a big club like this.

“That year two years ago, we used to see these games home and that’s what this team needs to try and replicate. That season, truly, we did not let many games slip out of our hands.

“Even in that year we had games that got away from us, that can happen in the Premier League, but the most important thing is you bring your best games most week and I think we have done that, which is reflected in our points. We need to do that against Norwich and if we do we’ll find ourselves in a good position.

“We’d get into a position where we could really affect the top and we’d lose that game, then it’s difficult to get that momentum again. We’ve got momentum with us after Chelsea and Tottenham, now we have a game against Norwich at home.

“It’s very important that we win that game. That’s more important in some ways and I’ve been reminding my staff all week how important it is, when the players get back, that we focus their minds on Norwich.”


Source: Newcastle United Mad