Shepherd - Magpies can stay up

01 May 2009 10:38
Former Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd is confident the relegation-haunted Magpies can stay up.[LNB] He says it would be catastrophic for both the club and the city itself if Alan Shearer's side - currently third from bottom in the table - failed to stay in the top flight.[LNB]But if the worst-case scenario does occur and they do go down, he believes current chairman Mike Ashley will invest to take the club straight back up.[LNB]Speaking to Sky Sports News, Shepherd said people were presently having a pop at the club.[LNB]Shot"You've got to remember we've been in the Premier League for 15 years and when they see us struggling like this, everybody wants to have a shot at Newcastle," he said.[LNB]"But at the end of the day, we are where we are and we'll get out of this."[LNB]He agreed it would be catastrophic for the club to drop out of the Premier League.[LNB]"It would be and it would be bad for the city - we have huge business interests in the city so it wouldn't be any good for us either so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that we stay up."[LNB]InvestAsked if he thought there was a plan in place if the Magpies do go down, Shepherd replied: "Yes I'm sure Mike will put the money in to invest in the team and get the team back up if they do go down but as I say, I'm confident they will stay up." [LNB]He also believes Shearer is the right man for the job at St James' Park, although "perhaps he was brought in a little too late but time will tell on that."[LNB]He added: "But I'm confident whatever happens he's the future manager for Newcastle."[LNB]

Source: SKY_Sports