Shearer - 'Chelsea Have No Class'!

02 March 2013 02:03
Newcastle legend Alan Shearer had some strong words to say about Chelsea's plight on Saturday's Football Focus.

Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez claims that he has the backing of the majority of the players in the wake of his outburst in midweek when he slagged off the Chelsea supporters at Middlesbrough this week.

Alan Shearer: "Chelsea are in a mess, they really are.

"The way they are going about this (Benitez situation) shows they have no class.

"Some ask if John Terry has authority in the changing room, well I believe - as club captain - he should. That is what the captain does.

"The manager makes the decisions, but the captain has to be the link between the players and the manager.

"Is Benitez the man for the job? All I am saying is the way the club have gone about this is a mess!" Benitez has found his position under increasing pressure following his outburst against the club and the club's fans after Wednesday's FA Cup win at Middlesbrough.

There have been rumours of dressing room unrest at Stamford Bridge, but Benitez insists the players are happy with the job he is doing at the club.

Rafa Benitez: "A lot of the players have been supporting me, telling me to carry on doing my job. These are private conversations.

"I have a lot of conversations with the players, and the majority of them say they are happy with the training sessions, the methods, the intensity. We try and do our best, and sometimes we cannot, but I think they are quite happy.

"You may speak one or two, but there are another 21 you don't know. If you have 25 players in a squad, you'll obviously have one or two who aren't happy, but you can find that in every squad around the world.

"The atmosphere in the training ground is really good, really good. The staff around Cobham are really good.

"I have a very good relationship with everyone. I don't see a big problem there. Still, we have time to push a bit harder and we'll try and do it. "


Source: Newcastle United Mad