Santon Knows What It's Like To Win A Medal

14 March 2013 11:33
Davide Santon won a Champions League winners' medal with former club Inter Milan as a teenager, and he wants a Europa League medal.

Davide Santon: "When we started the season, we had a really good team, but we had some problems because a lot of players were injured.

"But the new players have been really important for us because if we didn't have them, we wouldn't be in this position now, so it was really important for us.

"But I would not be happy to go [only as far as] the quarter-final.

"Like the manager said, I think the same. If we can get to the quarter-final, I think we can win the competition.

"We know in this competition there are a lot of big teams, but I think Newcastle is a big team as well.

"It's quite simple: we need to win. If you are going to go through in a tie, you want to win. You don't want to win on away goals, you have got to win the game."



Source: Newcastle United Mad